Sports and Entertainment Legacy

Sports and Entertainment Legacy

Reach Your Entrepreneurial Goals

At Conekt Hospitality, we offer the tools, knowledge and connections you need to become a successful franchise entrepreneur. Our services range from initial interest to operational improvement and every step in between. What’s more, our clients have access to our vast network of partners and resources to help ensure success.

Match Brand with Passion

Entrepreneurs who connect with businesses that match their passion are more successful. That’s why we spend time getting to know our clients, their goals and interests. We also assess their team of resources (if any are in place), including a CPA, financial manager and attorney who may play a role in the process. Then we can start talking about the best business opportunity to meet our client’s goals.

Search and Select a Franchise

Selecting a brand is important, but many of our clients don’t know where to start. We create a list of potential brands, evaluate them and make recommendations based on fit and feasibility. All coordination of calls, meetings and store visits are handled seamlessly, making the process easy for our clients to identify brands that are the right fit.

Once a brand is selected, we facilitate closing the deal and manage all brand communication and follow up. We also walk our clients through the permitting and licensing required for their first location.

Establish the Business Structure

A successful business starts with a solid foundation. We set up our clients for success by helping negotiate the franchise license arrangement and contract. This includes initial lease negotiation and administration. Once the franchise license agreement is in process, we recommend a business structure and help clients create the internal infrastructure.

Search for Talent

A company is as good as its employees. We work with search firms to create a management team and staffing companies to source HR, accounting and other critical roles. If our clients have people in mind, we help determine where they will best contribute to the business.

Set up for Success

Everyone in a company must be working from the same playbook. We have the experience and knowledge to assist with initial budgets, quality assurance standards and operating procedures and policies from the beginning. Our goal is to help clients open their doors in the best position possible.
Sports and Entertainment Legacy

Learn to Think Like an Entrepreneur

No one is born knowing how to run a business. To ensure our clients’ success, they must be trained appropriately. Through our connections with major accredited universities that offer franchise partner programs, we ensure our clients are prepared to be business owners.

Annual Audit

Internal audits help assess proper safeguarding of assets, legal compliance, fraud, and adherence to policies. We serve as the liaison between our clients and internal auditors as needed to determine areas of improvement and help implement recommendations.